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Train like the best in the game and reach your physical potential with Coach John Philbin.



Philbin Sports Performance’s mission is to help athletes of all ages create a safe, effective, scientifically proven, and time efficient conditioning program that will allow them to reach their physical potential. Philbin Sports Performance’s programs are sports specific and take into consideration numerous variables that will help individualize each athletes’ specific goals and situation.

The program will take into consideration experience in all areas of physical attributes, equipment availability, and level of experience regarding strength, speed, and agility training. In addition, there will be a battery of physical tests which will help Philbin Sports Performance individualize a sports specific program.

These programs are intended for serious minded and dedicated athletes.

Coach Philbin and Manny Machado/Fernando Vargas
Coach Philbin and Manny Machado/Fernando Vargas
Coach Philbin and Stephen Strasburg
Coach Philbin and Stephen Strasburg


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  • Sports Specific Personal Training – One on one
  • Sports Specific Speed & Agility Training – Teams & small groups indoor on turf
  • Sports Specific Speed & Agility Workshops for All Sports – on-site at your location
  • Get Nationally Certified! NSPA Certifications – Speed & Agility Specialist (CSAS), Personal Trainer (CPT), Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
  • Zoom Consultation – No cost


Coach John Philbin has 35 years of professional experience as a performance specialist and is recognized by the NSCA with “Emeritus” status RSCC*E. He is the President of the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) and has served on the NSCA Maryland State Board the last 10 years.

  • Director of Sports Performance & Rehabilitation D-BAT Gaithersburg
  • MLB: Yankees / Nationals / Padres (10 yrs)
  • NFL: Washington Redskins (8 yrs)
  • USOTC: Director Physical Training for Olympic Sports (4 yrs)
  • USBSF: Olympic Head Coach / Director of Physical Training & Sports Science (4 yrs)
  • Owner & CEO: Three largest Athletic Performance Centers in Mid-Atlantic region (6 yrs)
  • WBA: Director of Physical Training & Nutrition 12 HBO World Championships (2 yrs)
  • University of Maryland Athletic Department (2 yrs)
Coach Philbin About Image
Coach Philbin About Image


  • Certified Speed & Agility Specialist (CSAS)
  • Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
  • Sports Performance Specialist D-BAT Gaithersburg
  • Director Philbin Sports Performance Speed & Agility Summer Camps
  • Strength & Conditioning Apprenticeships: New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, and San Diego Padres
  • Kinesiology & Sports Science Major at Towson University
  • Damascus H.S. Three Maryland State Football Championships
  • Varsity H.S. Basketball
JC and Coach Philbin
JC and Coach Philbin

Athletic Experience

Coach Philbin is a former Olympian and All-American Decathlete Track & Field

  • Member of the U.S. Olympic National Bobsled team
  • Frostburg University Football team 4-year Team Captain/Honors
  • All-American Track & Field Decathlete inducted into Hall of Fame
  • Competitive power & Olympic lifter (USWF)

Industry Leader

Coach Philbin has coordinated 15 International & National conferences as the president of NSPA and Maryland State Board member for the NSCA. He is the co-founder of NSPA/ASIA Educational Institution that based in Tokyo, Japan. Coach has lectured throughout Asia, Far-East, Middle East and Europe.

  • Published three books and dozens of power, speed, agility articles.
  • Co-author of NSPA post-rehabilitation / corrective exercise certification.
  • Certified over 10,000 professional conditioning specialist & personal trainers.
  • Certified thousands of physical education & high school coaches.
  • Appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX
  • Articles in Washington Post, USA Today, PBSCCS, NSCA


Coach Philbin has a proven track record of success over 35 years that is scientifically and evidence-based research. Coach is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the Un. of Maryland where he teaches aspiring performance coaches current academic research in the areas of:

  • Sports science & technology
  • Rehabilitation & corrective modalities
  • Exercise biomechanics & motor learning
  • Physical training philosophies & applications
  • Sports nutrition, supplements, and ergogenic aids


As a former Olympian & All-American Coach Philbin is familiar with what it takes to be a successful athlete:

  • Set realistic-seasonally & achievable goals daily-weekly-monthly
  • No matter the task or drill give 100% intent & focus
  • Never be satisfied & always push yourself harder
  • Attack every training session with urgency
  • Always be humble and coachable
  • Find your intrinsic motivation
  • Be confident but don’t be cocky
  • Never stop seeking knowledge and experience
  • Continue to tweak your plan & exceed your expectations daily
  • Make sure to do the little things that help in the long run
  • Create balance in your life & avoid negativity it’s bad news
  • Always show you’re appreciative to those who help you succeed


Coach Philbin is now the Director of Sports Performance & Rehabilitation at D-BAT Gaithersburg Premier Baseball & Softball Training Facility.

State-of-the-art facility highlights:

Largest Baseball & Softball Training facility in Mid-Atlantic area

  • 22 Cages 40,000 sq ft / 30 ft ceilings
  • 70 yd long toss capabilities

Latest Sports Science Technology:

  • HiT-Trax
  • Rapsodo
  • Big Screen HD
  • Slow motion video analysis
  • Fungo pitching machines
  • Large parent waiting area with Wi-Fi

Sports Performance & Rehabilitation

  • Med-Star Physical Therapist & Sports Medicine Doctors
  • 70 yds astro-turf with blue tooth timing system
  • Agility ladders built into turf with yard markers
  • 50 yard resistance pulley system/sleds/parachutes
  • Fully equipped strength & cardio area
  • Dynamic warm-up & activation & mobility area
  • Explosive plyometric equipment for power development
  • Arm-care programs with MLB protocols and tools
  • Slow motion video analysis
  • Unique strength equipment only found at this facility
  • Guaranteed 60 yard dash and velocity improvement
D-Bat Images
D-Bat Images


Coach Philbin has been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes from across all major sports including: MLB, NFL, NBA, WBA, United States Olympic Teams, Rugby, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Tennis and more.

Stephen Strasburg
Stephen Strasburg
MVP World Champion

I feel very fortunate to have had Coach Philbin as my strength coach with the Nationals. He improved my athleticism and was a great motivator

Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis
NFL | World Champion MVP

Coach is the real deal … I promise you he will get you right!

Anthony Rendon Testimonial
Anthony Rendon
MLB | World Champion

Coach can simply take any athlete to the next level … he knows how to push my buttons & make me work harder to reach my goals!

Ryan Zimmerman
Ryan Zimmerman
MLB | World Champion - Gold Glove & Silver Slugger Award

Coach made a big impact on my career by making me a better athlete & keeping me healthy … not to mention he is a great motivator!

Craig Stammen
Craig Stammen

Coach knows how to motivate you and get the most of you every time we workout… I have never experience anyone better.

Dan Riley
Dan Riley

Coach Philbin was a tremendous asset to the Redskins and his knowledge of speed agility is exceptional and innovative.

Mike Kohn
Mike Kohn
Olympic Coach

Philbin has been an industry leader and in the forefront of power, speed, and agility acquisition.

Dr Wiemi Douoguih
Dr. Wiemi Douoguih
Med Star

I was fortunate to work with Coach while at the Nationals … his knowledge of conditioning and post-rehab is extensive and his ability to push athletes to another level.

Ted Lambridenies
Ted Lambridenies
NFL Sports Science

Coach has extensive knowledge of the sports science arena which allows him the ability to diagnose and analyze data that is relative to the individual or team.

Brad Hatfield
Brad Hatfield PhD
University of Maryland

Coach Philbin is constantly updating his research and challenging our students in his course Strength & Conditioning the Athlete.

Ken Harvey
Ken Harvey
NFL | Pro Bowler

Coach has a canny way of getting the most out of me during workouts and the best speed coach in the business!

Nick Novak
Nick Novak

I was fortunate to kick in the NFL for 14 seasons and Coach’s training techniques kept me healthy & strong!

Kyle Mohr
Kyle Mohr DAT

Philbin’s speed & agility knowledge is like no other. He applies current theories to fundamental drills and hard work.

Adrian Branch
Adrian Branch
NBA World Champion

Coach kept me on the court and extended my career … he is the Best!

Gheorghe Muresan
Gheorghe Muresan
NBA All-Star

Philbin is the best conditioning Coach I ever had playing the NBA!

Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut
NBA World Champion

Coach Philbin’s Performance Center took my game to another level!

Greg Harrell
Greg Harrell
NFL | Olympics

Coach Philbin is known as the Doctor of strength & speed … he saved my NFL career and my Olympic dreams.


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